Sugar & Steel, a Nashville-based country duo made of husband and wife, Spencer and Sidnye Askew, are taking the country music industry by storm. With love at the heart of their music, catchy tunes and a chemistry unmatched, they are sharing their story with anyone that will listen.

Their debut single "Land Here," title track of the soon-to-be released EP, was released on all platforms October 19, 2017. The song was written by Sidnye and Spencer with Caeland and Cassie Garner. The song is one of hope, dreams, and always having a safe place to land. To listen to the song on Spotify, click here. 

"If I Was the Rain," their next single, was a surprise release to fans and all music platforms on February 13, 2018. An upbeat song all about falling for someone, this was written by Sidnye, Spencer and co-writer Benjy Davis.

Their debut EP, "Land Here" was released on March 16, 2018. It was produced by Eric Torres in Nashville, TN. The EP was penned by Sidnye, Spencer and a group of incredible co-writers: TC Courtney, Eric Torres, Benjy Davis, Mark Giannulis, Rob Crosby, Brittany Hadley, Caeland Garner and Cassie Garner. "Land Here" includes songs with stories of passion, romance, real life and heartache. To get the EP, click here.

2018 will be a full year for Sugar & Steel as they hit the road to promote "Land Here." Stay tuned for many exciting announcements in the days to come! To book Sugar & Steel in your town, email


Photographer: Noah Turley